Forthcoming events

We have regular tastings on Friday's and Saturdays so why not come down and try our new exciting wines.


Wedding gift list

Tradition states that your friends and family bring a present to your special day. Over the years this has consisted of toasters, clocks, plates and many other random objects.

What about offering your guests a list of wines you enjoy for them to select from as their gift to you?

This provides an interesting and fun alternative to traditional wedding lists and gives you the opportunity to share these wines with your special one, friends or family!

We can provide a range of wines at different price ranges to satisfy all pockets, this could include not just wine but other items as Whiskeys, Gins and Port etc.

Please feel free to forward our full list to your guests

You can arrange a specific time and date that you want your wines delivered, or for when you return from your honeymoon.

Or to keep it simple we can offer tailored made gift vouchers